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    This rating is a FREE service and by applying and being rated, it makes you part of the #1 web award service in New Zealand and the World! Once you have been rated you will also receive a free listing in our New Zealand Web Award directory.
  • A Trusted Source for Independent Website Reviews.

    A Trusted Source for Independent Website Reviews.

    The NEW ZEALAND WEB AWARDS has become a trusted source for independent website reviews worldwide since 1998. Google always ranks us in the top ten list out of millions of pages. We apologize, but we do not rate or post awards to sexually explicit, racist, or violent websites.
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    The Website of the Year

    At the end of each year we will determine "The Website of the Year" for each rating category and we wish all of our recipients the best of luck!
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Our goal is to make this an inexpensive way to have thousands of visitors see your site. Check out our Google rating to get an idea of how high we are in the search engine rankings. We even have friends and family purchase a spot to help with the recognition that has gone into the development of a website.

Our cost for a one week posting is $50.00 CDN.

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